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Veterinarians welfare society

Veterinarians Welfare Society  became functional on 14th August 1988.The idea for the same sprouted in the minds of late Dr.G.Nirmalam and Dr. K. V. Asokan, the alltime great leaders of the Veterinary Associations of  Kerala. It is registered (Reg. No. 360/88) under Travancore-Cochin Charitable Societies Act.

Objectives :
1. In the case of death of a member, provide immediate financial relief to the bereaved family.
2. To provide financial assistance to the members or his/her nominee in the case of permanent total  disability of the member
3. To provide financial support to the member for the treatment of diseases of brain,kidney, heart and also cancer.
4. To give away scholarships/awards to the children of members

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  • Welfare Society

    Veterinarians working in Kerala can join Veterinarians Welfare Society (VWS) by submitting online application through  submitting a filled up application to the Governing Body Members and making a payment of Rs.10000/-(Rupees Six thousand only).Existing Members can view and modify their profile and nomination.. The success of the society is due to the whole hearted co-operation and spirit if fraternity of the Veterinarians of Kerala. All new vets are requ