One Day Workshop on Immunization Strategies for Animal Disease Control in Kerala

A one day workshop on Immunization Strategies for Animal Disease Control in Kerala was organized at the Conference Hall of IAH and VB Palode The workshop was inaugurated by Dr.P.Murugesan,Principal Scientist, DOPR, Palode.The workshop was moderated by Dr.K.G. Suma, Additional Director, AHD.The chief reporter of the programme was Dr.M.Rameshkumar,DD,SLBP, Thiruvananthapuram.A total of four topics were presented on various aspects of the workshop.The first session was handled by Dr.M.R. Saseendranath,Ph.D.,Professor and Head,Dept:Of Preventive Medicine,Veterinary College,Mannuthy.The topic was on Research and development Strategies for Vaccine production.The second topic was on Disease Surveillance and Forecast strategies by Dr.Nandakumar,VS,CDIO,Palode.The third session was on Vaccine Production Strategies by Dr.Theodore John,ARO,IAH and VB,and the vaccines produced by the institute were explained to the gathering. The steps taken to ensure the quality of vaccines and the strengths and weaknesses of the Institute were explained in detail.The fourth session on Immunization implementation strategies were presented by Dr.Terrence B.Remady,SVS,DVC,Thiruvananthapuram and it provided information on the various immunization techniques and strategies to be followed while conducting prophylactic as well as containment vaccination.An open discussion and suggestions,from the audience followed.The work shop was summed up by Dr.K.G.Suma,Additional Director.The meeting concluded by 3.30 PM and the vote of thanks was offered by Dr.Gigimol Varghese,ARO,IAH and VB,Palode.