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The skin condition called Cheyletiellosis or ‘Walking Dandruff’ seems to be gaining interest among dog owners all over the world. It is caused by a small mite and results in very heavy scaling, dandruff and scurf, evident as white flakes especially all along the back. It can be itchy and cause crusts to form. The mite is notoriously hard to find. If you suspect your pet has dandruff in excess of what might be seen with dry skin, your Vet can comb off some of the flakes onto a microscope slide with a drop of mineral oil on it and look for the mites or its eggs under the microscope. Alternatively, the Vet can press sticky tape against the skin and put the tape on a slide to view. Cheyletiella is very contagious; so if mites are found or the disease is suspected, all the pets must be treated for 4 weeks. You and your Vet can discuss the options, some of which include flea shampoo or spray or Ivemectin given orally or subcutaneously.  Another good choice is topical application of Amitraz every 15 days for three treatments. You must also treat the environment and clean any grooming equipment, too. There can be asymptomatic carriers and hence it is important to treat all the pets at home simultaneously. The prognosis is not good and of course there are chances of reinfestation.

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